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October 19, 2015
kerala waterfalls for honeymoonders
Meenmuty – Kerala waterfalls
November 3, 2015

Athirappilly -Kerala waterfalls for honeymooners

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  The king of waterfalls in Kerala, Athirappilly is one among the most asked destinations of Kerala Honeymoon deals. The location of the waterfalls is just the ideal place for the newly married to enjoy some great nature exploration, relish the massive water body and enjoy intimate movements wrapped in the unique atmosphere. Athirappilly is also famous for the large number of south Indian and Hindi films shot there. Situated in the Trichur district, the foot space of the 80 feet waterfall is a great place to watch the beauty of the gushing water. The mind gets calm and refreshed as the  delicate sprays of water come falling on  the face. Many visitors who have enjoyed the services provided by Kerala Honey moon deals have made sure to include a visit to this waterfall also known as the Niagra of Kerala in their subsequent visits to the state. Offering more sightseeing possibilities, there is another majestic waterfall named Vazachal Falls situated just five kilometres away. Immersed amid dense forest, the view of Vazhachal is a fantastic experience. If the mind yearns for more, there is yet another beautiful waterfall named Charpa falls just two kilometres from Athirappilly.