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10 Romantic destinations in Kerala
September 23, 2015
10 Kerala Honeymoon Destinations
October 4, 2015



Kerala, God’s own country is now a prime tourist attractive place in India. Kerala is rich for its backwater beauty , glorious Arabian sea and beaches, groves of coconut trees, spices and tea covered hills at the western Ghats. Kerala is a place of varieties of flora and fauna which is also used for medical purposes. Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala is considered as the best natural treatment . Kerala is considered as the home for elephants, exotic birds and may other animals. Alleppey and Kumarakom is known for its backwaters houseboat, boat race and has a great diversity of coconut trees. Munnar one of the main hill station in Kerala is known for its greenery of the tea plantation, cool climate and the flower Neelakurinji which blooms one in 12 years , trekking through the hills is the other attraction .Trivandrum the capital city of Kerala is also a major tourist attractive place which has many places to visit like sree padmanabhaswamy temple ,Kovallam beach, Trivandrum zoo ,kowdiar palace .Cochin is also a place which attracts many honeymooners as well as tourists. Thekkady is the other important place in Kerala which is famous for Periyar national park which attracts many tourists .Thekkady is home for many elephants, lion tailed macaques, gaur, tigers and Nilgiri langurs. Wayanad other important hill station in Kerala honeymooners are greatly attracted to Wayanad because of its climate and greenery of the tea and coffee plantation, there is a lot of tea estate in Wayanad. Kerala is also rich for its culture , tradition ,climate , festivals, food , occupation .

Transportation Facilities In Kerala

.Transportation in Kerala – Kerala has a well developed transport facilities such as Airports, Highways , Railways. Kerala has three main airports 1. Cochin International Airports, situated in the city of Kochi, located at Nedumbassery, is the busiest and largest airport in Kerala. 2. Calicut International Airport also known as Karipur Airport which is serving the district of Kozhikode and Malapuram ,located in Karipur. 3. Trivandrum International Airport in the city of Trivandrum is the first airport in Trivandrum and the fifth International Airport of India. Railways in Kerala – Kerala has 14 districts among these all the 13 districts have railway stations excluding Wayanad . Road Transportation – All the districts in Kerala has a well developed road transportation and a well organized bus territories. Where the travelers can get all the facilities .

Seasons And Climate Of Kerala

Seasons and climates of Kerala Kerala is blessed with a pleasant and equable climate though it lies near the equator, these good climate is because of the western Ghats and the presence of the sea. The temperature of Kerala normally range from 28 degree to 32 degree Celsius on the plains and it drops up to 16 degree Celsius and below at the highlands in the day time. Tourist places at the highlands enjoy a cool climate .Kerala has mainly four climates summer season, winter season, South West monsoon and North East monsoon1. Summer season which starts from the month of February to may .Compared to other states Kerala has a pleasant and calm summer season The dry Northern wind doesn’t enter to Kerala only because of our Western Ghats and the sea which provides its cool breeze. Maximum temperature in summer is 36 degree Celsius and the minimum is 32 degree Celsius. 2. Winter season which begins from the month of November to middle of February . During these season temperature is comparatively low and it even falls down to 10 degree Celsius in the highlands .These is the season which experience very low rainfall .Temperature will be maximum of 28 degree and minimum of 18 degree(10 degree in highlands). 3. South west monsoon season it is considered as the main rainy season in Kerala .South West monsoon begins from early June to September .These is the season which brings heavy rainfall to Kerala where the rivers may over flow. Almost the quarter of the rainfall in Kerala is received in South West monsoon.In south west monsoon Kerala get about 2250 to 2500 mm of rainfall and the temperature differs from 30 degree to 19 degree Celsius. 4. North East monsoon in Kerala starts from October to November(also by the middle of December).The rainfall come along with the bright lightning and thunder. The days will be humid and warm but will not be having much temperature differences average temperature of these season is 35 degree Celsius to 29 degree Celsius and it will have an average rainfall of 450 to 500 mm

Dress Codes Of Kerala

Kerala is having a special culture and tradition The main language of Kerala is Malayalam and the dress code of malayalees is(mundu) Dhoti for men and sari (mainly handloom Kerala sari) for women’s it’s a 5 to 6 meter long cloth without any stitch in it. Men’s should use dhoti when they go to a temple and women’s use sari inside the temple

Cuisine Of Kerala

Kerala cuisine is having all types of meal that is vegetables as well as non-vegetables. Kerala food include fish , meat and vegetables .Coconut and spices add flavor to Kerala food .Kerala is also known as Land of spices and it is treated in traditional way .At the time of festivals Kerala people use banana leaves to eat food and the food with varieties of vegetable curry and rice is known as Sadhya. It also includes payasam(desserts) of many types.